Your Step-By-Step Guide for Selling Your Ottawa Home

15 11 2014

Ottawa Home Selling 3Are you thinking about listing your home anytime soon on the Ottawa real estate market? If so, then you’ve come to the right blog!

Today, I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step guide to selling your home. You’ll be attending the final closing of your Ottawa home before you know it!

Follow These 7 Steps for a Successful Ottawa Home Sale

Get your home ready for the market. This includes giving your home a thorough cleaning, removing any excess clutter from your home that takes away from its beauty and ensuring that your home even has curb appeal.

Find a REALTOR®. But don’t just pick anyone! Make sure that the real estate agent you work with not only has experience with helping home sellers but also helping sellers in your price range and (ideally) in your neighborhood. The more they know about the market the better!

Decide on a list price for your home. Take into accounts such factors as market conditions and interest rates. And be honest with yourself about how much your home is really worth. Too many home sellers overprice their homes and then wonder why it’s still sitting on the market more than 6 months later.

Get maximum exposure out of your home marketing. Don’t just print an advertisement in the newspaper or post something on Craiglist. Make sure that your home marketing is comprehensive and is reaching all available and qualified buyers. Your real estate agent can help create a tailor-made marketing plan for your home!

Negotiate a purchase offer. Okay, so you’ve received an offer from a buyer – now what? Make sure that you carefully consider the offer because it’s harder to back out once you sign on the dotted line. Talk it over with your real estate agent to see if you want to negotiate any areas of the offer.

Sign on the dotted line. Once you’ve signed the contract with your buyer, you’re that much closer to attending the final closing and moving out. Now all that’s left is a few more steps, including passing the home inspection. Your real estate agent can help coach you through that process.

Plan your next move. Before you’ve handed over the keys to the buyer and complete a successful home sale, ask yourself where you want to go next. Do you want to downsize? Move to a different city? Get a bigger home? Talk with your agent about the best option for you and your family.

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