Picking Ottawa Homes For Sale

2 11 2013

Remax Ottawa are proud to be your Ottawa real estate experts.  While we serve home sellers with our extensive marketing plans, navigate relocation, and negotiate short sales or foreclosures and investment property purchases, today we are going to touch on some tips for Ottawa home buyers. These simple tips can make your home buying process smoother, simpler, and even help you decide if now is the right time for you to be buying a home.

Things to Consider When Buying Ottawa Homes

1. Will you be staying in the area for a long time? This seems simple enough, but often first time home buyers in Ottawa are so excited to own their first property, that they sometimes jump the gun and buy a home before really being settled into an area. Before you buy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my job on a long term path? Do I see myself working in this same location for the next 3 or more years?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I want to be enjoying in 5 years? Do I really want to invest in a one bedroom condo, or do I want a multi-bedroom home? What are your life goals?

2. How is your credit score? Don’t be stuck buying something you don’t love, just because your credit is bad. Take the time to get your score up again. Before you start the house hunt, get copies of your credit scores, make sure they are correct, and take the time to improve everything you can. This will make a huge difference in the type of loans and rates you qualify for from the bank.

3.  Make sure you can REALLY afford your home. Sure, on paper, it may say that you can afford a$300,000 home, but what kind of lifestyle do you want to enjoy in your home? Think about these things:

  • You need to be able to afford any unplanned expenses (like a new roof or dish washer) as well as regular maintenance (like paint, wood stain, power washing and landscaping). You also want to be able to afford to feed yourself and have fun with life. Don’t put your entire paycheck into your home payment. Talk to one of our expert Realtors to get help on figuring your payments and rates.

4. Get that home inspection. Don’t skip this. We see so many first time home buyers consider saving the money and skipping it, because the home they love “looks great”, but a home inspector can find the things hidden beneath a home’s beauty that could end up costing you big (like mold in the walls, yikes!).

5. Get pre-approved before house hunting. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a home way out of your approved loan amount-it will taint your view on all other homes you look at and make you unhappy with the home you do buy or unable to consider the merits of other homes.

Ottawa ReMax

Are you ready  to start your Ottawa home buying adventure? Contact our expert Ottawa Realtors to ensure your home buying journey is smooth and professional. We will help you avoid all the bumps that can occur on the way to your dream home.

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