Worst Ottawa Home Selling Mistakes

1 08 2013

fittiselllastThe experienced Re/Max Ottawa Realtors at Ottawa Homes frequently see home sellers making the same mistakes over and over again, so we thought we would go over some of the most common ones that can sometimes cost home sellers a purchase offer, and most importantly, how to avoid them!

Selling Your Ottawa Home

In some areas it is still very much a buyer’s market, so it is important to make sure that you have an edge over all of the other home sellers out there trying to attract home buyers. Here are the top mistakes our expert Ottawa REALTORS see home sellers do:

  1. Pricing the home too high: This turns off otherwise qualified buyers who may have wanted to make a purchase offer
  2. Listing a home in poor condition. Often, homes in poor condition don’t get any purchase offers at all, and those that do come are often low-ball numbers because buyers can’t see the true value of your home due to all of the repairs needed.
  3. Ineffective Marketing Strategy. Bad or blurry photos, failing to diversify your marketing campaign to reach across many mediums, such as print, online, social media and more.
  4. Teaming with an inexperienced real estate agent. One real estate agent is not as good as another. By teaming with an inexperienced real estate agent, you will miss out on many home buyers not even seeing your home is for sale-and when it comes to selling your home, you want the all potential home buyers to see.

Avoid Common Ottawa Home Selling Mistakes

So how do you avoid these mistakes? Simply follow our expert Ottawa real estate advice:

  1. To avoid pricing your home too high, you must team with an expert REALTOR. An experienced REALTOR who can analyze comparable homes for sale in the area and make sure your home is priced accurately for land, home, location, community, neighborhood, and even down to the street. Pricing a home correctly also requires factoring in the condition of the home, the location and more.
  2. You don’t want a real estate agent that would let you list a home in poor condition.  It is simple to invest in quick fixes, such as repainting rooms or replacing severely worn carpeting. Your agent will know what buyers are focusing on and what fixes and repairs MUST be made to get any great offers on your home. Your agent will also know if staging your home to play up its assets and to downplay its flaws is necessary.
  3. If you don’t see examples of marketing tools used by the agent you are considering teaming with, then you want to keep looking. Make sure all photos of your home are clear and bright. Make sure diversified marketing targeted to the right home buyer audience is part of the marketing plan of your REALTOR.
  4. Find a qualified, expert Ottawa Realtor to represent you. Ask them questions about their experience in your specific market, as well as their game plan for effectively marketing your home. The Realtors at Re/Max Ottawa are expertly qualified in the Ottawa real estate market.

List Your Ottawa Home For Sale

Ready to sell? Contact your expert Ottawa real estate team, Bobbie and Geoff McGowan today!



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