Ottawa Sun Features Real Estate Experts

2 04 2013

ottawa real estate

The Ottawa Housing Market Plods Along

The title of the recent Ottawa Sun news article is extremely telling-yes, we are plodding along, in a very good way!  While there has been a lot of Remax Ottawa real estate market activity this past year, stricter mortgage rules introduced last summer have kept movement slow, but for good reason.

How Is The Ottawa Real Estate Market

The stricter rules help to ensure a false bubble of real estate market inflation doesn’t occur again-and thus, we can’t have a drop off similar to one that has been seen throughout Canada or, like the more severe drop in real estate prices that our US friends experienced in their real estate market crash two years ago.

Remax Ottawa Real Estate

Our own Ottawa Real Estate Expert, Chris Hollands was quoted in the Ottawa Sun about the slow, yet STEADY growth the Ottawa real estate market has. He shared his 25 year experience expert Ottawa real estate market advice with the Ottawa Sun interviewer to explain how the slow and steady growth of Ottawa’s real estate market far preferable to the wildly swinging markets found in Toronto or Vancouver.’

“The good thing about Ottawa is we’re a nice stable market,” he said. “We’ve managed to weather (the job cuts) very, very well and we continue to see large population growth in Ottawa.”-Chris Hollands, Ottawa Real Estate Expert for our own Remax Ottawa to the Ottawa Sun.

What do you think? Do you prefer a real estate investment in an area that will provide a slow yet dependably steady rise in real estate value, or are you more of a risk taker, willing to invest in a market that has a history of sharp increases AND decreases?

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